A downloadable game for Windows

This game is just a simple prototype of an RPG combining combat, inventory management and randomness.

No music/sounds is present and the map is very simple for the moment.

I'm looking for feedback to my prototype to see what I can add, modify or remove, so don't hesitate to tell me everything you think about the game ;)

About the game

A lot of plugins have been used for the good functioning of the game.

The game is entirely in French,  you will have two phases, one navigation phase on the map and another one of combat.
you can find chests containing a chest that adds protection or "items cards".
You will also have a hunger management (for the moment, no way to regenerate your hunger).
In the combat phase, you will have to roll your initiative dice in order to have the initiative and then be able to attack your opponent with your attack dice. You can also use your items cards either to take the initiative more easily, or to heal yourself, or to increase your attack value.


Art/ Programmation/ Game Concept

  • Sheeplip

Art additionnel

  • mayhem8166's for the d20


  • Grim
  • Victor Sant
  • Yanfly Engine
  • SumRndmDde


Dice (Prototype) 0.0.2 75 MB

Development log

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